It is my quest and mission to always be a student of all things exquisite: a seeker of beauty, curator of fine details, purveyor of aesthetics and arranger of wild, untamed florals.

As a child, my days were spent barefoot and on horseback, soaking up the wonders of the Deep South with the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair. Introverted to my core, I worked with my hands to paint, draw, write and release creativity through myriad outlets. In addition to my pursuit of the exquisite, my passion for unique design is driven by drawing romance out of each experience, viewing the world through rose colored glasses.

As a floral designer and stylist, I have found myself dotting the map, working alongside elephants in the open bush of South Africa, beneath the Eiffel Tower, amongst the lavender fields in Provence, atop grassy peaks in New Zealand, on the enchanting streets of Florence and finding my way through the haze of the sunrise on the Pacific Coast. My collective experiences and internal creative compass have my soul yearning for perpetual adventure, beauty and new creations. Having the opportunity to do what I love for a living, at times, leaves me speechless; bringing beautiful moments to fruition is a treasured reward. Let us create something exquisite together and inspire each other to build breathtaking memories.